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KeyFinder is a very powerful and useful tool which allows you to analyse the content of your own guitar tablature while you are creating it and find out which musical key it is written in.
KeyFinder can be used at any point during the process of writing your guitar tablature as it will analyse the Chords and the Tablature Grids currently being used. You can launch KeyFinder while you are editing your guitar tablature from the KeyFinder section on the 'Create Guitar Tablature' page:
KeyFinder In Create Guitar Tablature Page
If you click the KeyFinder link above while creating guitar tabs KeyFinder will analyse your song and present you with a screen informing you of the notes in your song and listing possible key matches for your song. The image below shows the result screen:
KeyFinder Analysis Results
If you do not wish to set a key for your song then you can simply click the 'Return To Song Without Setting A Key' link.
KeyFinder will list the closest key matches for your song at the top of the grid. Clicking 'View Key' will display a guitar tablature reference sheet containing Chords and Scales in that key for you to examine. If you are happy with this key you can return to KeyFinder and click the 'Set Song Key' link. This will restrict the 'Preset Chord' drop down lists on the 'Create Guitar Tablature' page to only show the chords that are in your chosen key. This makes creating your guitar tabs much quicker and easier as you don't need to worry if you chords are all in the same key!
When you return to your guitar tab after setting a key using KeyFinder you will see the following displayed in the KeyFinder section of the page:
KeyFinder Key Has Been Set
The KeyFinder section now provides you with a link to view the 'Key, Chord and Scale' reference sheet straight from the song that is using that key. This can be extremely useful while creating your songs. Also, you can un-assign the key by clicking the un-assign link in the KeyFinder section to return your 'Preset Chord' drop down lists to showing the full set of chords.

Using KeyFinder From Your 'My Guitar Tabs' Page:

You can also use KeyFinder straight from your 'My Guitar Tabs' page as described on the My Guitar Tabs help page.

Configuring KeyFinders Settings:

There are also various settings which control the number or chords returned by KeyFinder and also the technical level of the chords returned. For example, KeyFinder can be configured to not display 'Augmented' or '13th' chords for example. This is useful for keeping your 'Preset Chords' drop down lists in line with your current level of ability. You can find out how to change these KeyFinder settings on the My Preferences help page.


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