Set Up Sharing For Your Songs

Once you have decided to share one of your guitar tabs you need to specify which contacts can view the song and which contacts are allowed to edit it.
Add a contact to share your song
To allow a contact access to your song you add them using the 'Add Contact' section of the Setup Sharing page shown above. You will notice the contacts are contained in a drop down list which you must add contacts to using the 'Sharing Contacts' page. You can read about creating your contact list on the Sharing Contacts Help Page.
You can specify whether the contact you are adding will be allowed to edit your song by ticking the 'Can Edit Song' check box.
If you want to change the access that specific contacts have to your song you can do this from the 'Contact List' section of the page shown below:
List contacts who are sharing your song
You can click the 'Edit' link and change the 'Can Edit Song' check box and save, or you can completely remove the contact from your shared song by clicking the 'Remove' link.
If you want to remove all the shared contacts from your song you can click the 'Remove All' link at the bottom and this will make the song private again.


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