Parse Tablature on External Websites
Upload Text Tab Files From Your PC And Parse Them Instantly


Parsing URL's

Websites which display tablature in a form similar to the following can be parsed in to TabStar's parsing engines and displayed as high quality sheet music:


As TabStar has no control over the content of external websites the parsing may not be perfect and will not contain lyrics etc. It will however give you a very good starting point if you wish to save it in to your own guitar tab archive and modify it further.
The image below shows the Parse URL fields on the page:
Parse external web address tablature
The image below shows where to copy in the address of the external sites web page address:
Parse external web address tablature
If the website is using frames it may be that the url in the address bar is not the true url of the page you wish to parse - in this case you can right mouse click on the tablature part of the webpage and select 'properties', then copy the 'Address (URL)' information from the page's property dialog.
Select Address (URL) Property
If the web page address on the property dialog, Address (URL), is long it may be difficult to select and copy. In this situation you can click and drag over the Address (URL) and pull the mouse down to 'highlight and scroll' the address until it is all selected then copy it into TabStar's parser.
Select Address (URL) Property

Parsing Files Saved On Your PC

TabStar also allows you to browse to any 'old' music pages you may have saved on to your pc in the past and parse them in as high quality tablature sheet music. To do this you use the second set of fields on the Parse External Site Tabs page and click on the Browse button to search your computers file system to locate the pages:
Parse File Controls
This feature is especially useful for converting the 'Text-File-Tabs' produced by many free tab generators found on the net, or if you simply have web pages you have saved previously.
Full Account holders also have the ability to save the parsed guitar tabs in to your 'My Guitar Tabs' list where they become full songs which you can edit, save as PDF's, find their musical key etc - everything you can do with your own songs in fact.


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