Creating Tablature

The Create Tablature page has 5 main sections:
  1. Title
  2. KeyFinder
  3. Chords
  4. Tablature Grids
  5. Preview/Save


The title section contains a textbox for the title of the page. If no title has been specified when saving your song an auto generated title will be used which includes the date and time the song was saved. This will allow you to find the song in the View Tablature list found on the navigation links should you need to.


KeyFinder will allow you to find the musical key your guitar tab is written in and will allow you to restrict the available chords in 'Preset Chord' drop down lists to only show you chords in your songs key. KeyFinder is a very powerful tool and is explained in more detail on the KeyFinder help page.


The Chords section allows you to create chords by hand using easy Drag and Drop, or you can select a chord from the 'Preset Chord' drop down list and have it built for you. This gives you total freedom to create chords for your songs very quickly, or to create non-standard chords as you wish. More detail is given on the Create Chords help page.

Tablature Grids:

Tablature Grids allow you to create your guitar tab using easy Drag and Drop. You can also select chords to drop on the grid whole from the 'Preset Chords' drop down list. Tablature Grids also keep track of the chords you have added to your song and expose them from the 'Your Chords' drop down list which lets you quickly find relevant chords to drop on your guitar tabs. Tablature Grids are described in more detail on the Tablature Grids help page.


The Save button will commit your changes. The Preview button will allow you to see your guitar tab as finished guitar sheet music. The Preview button will only show you the changes that have been Saved however.


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