Riff Manager

Riff Manager is a repository for all your ideas that you think of and don't want to forget. No matter how small, Riff Manager can accomodate them, tell you what musical key they are in, and when you think they are ready... help you introduce them to the word "Song"!
Riff Manager integrates perfectly in to the Create Tablature page and will let you insert them at any point in a song. Any Chords which are part of the Riff are automatically inserted with them too.
Use Riff Manager to put down a riff and keep it safe, or if you have a nice sounding finger picking part, put that in too in a separate riff. You can also store song intro's, chorus lines or solo parts, then access them when you find a song you want to use them with, its that simple.
The screenshot below shows the Riff Manager page and lists all your riffs and their musical key:
Riff Manager
If you click on the 'Click to Create a New Riff' link then you will be taken to the Create Tablature Grids Page in 'Riff Mode' so when you save you will be saving a Riff and it will appear in the list shown above on your Riff Manager page.
The Riff List gives you access to all the features you would expect, Edit, View, KeyFinder etc and also gives you the option to 'Make Song'. Clicking 'Make Song' will move the Riff from the Riff Manager in to your 'My Guitar Tabs List' and will convert it in to a full song. This features is useful if you have developed a Riff to the point where you want to promote it to a song.

Import Riffs Directly Into Your Guitar Tablature:

Another way you can include your Riffs in songs is to import them in to a song you are currently working on. If you are creating a new guitar tablature piece (by clicking the 'Create Guitar Tablature' link in the main site) then you will notice a button beneath each tablature grid which says 'Add Riff'. Clicking this button will pop up the Riff Browser window and allow you to select a riff to insert:
Insert Riffs Directly In To Songs
By clicking 'Insert Riff' in the Riff Browser window you will insert ALL the bars from the riff in to your song at the point directly BELOW the 'Add Riff' button that was clicked. All the riffs chords will also be imported and appear AFTER the chords that are already present at the top of your song. In this way you can insert Riffs at any point in your song by simply clicking the required 'Add Riff' button.


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