Tab X-Tractor

Tab X-Tractor lets you parse guitar tabs from external sites using a pop up window which appears inside the site you are visiting! You don't even need to leave the external site to import the guitar tab as high quality TabStar tabs in to your own guitar tab archive.
To get the Tab X-Tractor simply follow the instructions on the Tab X-Tractor page. Holders of the Full Account should log in before adding this link to your favourites as it contains your username and password encrypted as part of the link and will log you in automatically when you use Tab X-Tractor. You will also be able to save parsed songs directly in to your own guitar tab archive.
It is important to add the Tab X-Tractor to your favourites while logged in to the site as it contains encrypted log in details which will enable the Save button and will save parsed tabs in to your personal guitar tab archive - follow the instructions on the Tab X-Tractor page.
Tab X-Tractor works as a 'Favourites Link' in your browser and will not navigate away from the page you are viewing when you click it, but instead creates a pop up window inside the website you are viewing. For this reason we encourage you to save the favourites link in to the 'Links' section of your favourites. This will let you use the link like a button and gives you quick access to this feature:
Tab X-Tractor As Favourites Link In The Browser
When you are visiting a tab site you wish to parse, simply click the Tab X-Tractor favourites link and the following pop up window appears inside the external website:
Tab X-Tractor Popup Window
The image above shows the Tab X-Tractor window appears inside the external website you are browsing. You can import external tabs straight in to TabStar and in to your own guitar tablature archive without even leaving the external website.
If you are a holder of the Full Account then a 'Save' button will be present which allows you to save the parsed tab straight in to your own guitar tab archive without leaving the external websites page.


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