Creating Tablature Grids


There are 2 kinds of Tablature Grids, the one shown on this page is available to users with a Free Account.

Holders of the Full Account are able to use the full featured Advanced Tablature Grids.

Tablature grids can be added by clicking the 'Add Tablature Grid' button in the Tablature Grids section of the page:
The Tablature Grid design surface
The image above shows the outcome of clicking this button - you are presented with a blank Tablature Grid in Edit mode. There are 'Drag and Drop Tool Bar' items at the top, a Lyrics text box at the bottom, 'Preset Chords' and 'Your Chords' drop down lists on the right and a Show Grid checkbox on the left which can also be used to hide the grid.

There are buttons to enable you to Play an uploaded sound file, a 'File Manager' button for you to upload and manage uploaded files for this bar, and buttons to switch the Tablature Grid in to View / Edit mode and also a button to delete the grid. The 'File Manager' button is explained on the Uploading Sound Files help page.
The Tablature Grid design surface
The image above shows the Drag and Drop area where items can be dropped on to the grid and will be positioned automatically for you depending on the item dropped. For example, single numbers will be positioned where they are dropped but whole chords (see later) will be positioned with each number on the correct string for the chord dropped.
If you make any mistakes while dropping items on to the Tablature Grid, for example if you drop an item in the wrong place, you can either re-position it, or simply drag it off the Drag and Drop area and drop it on to another part of the screen to throw it away.

'Preset Chords' and 'Your Chords' drop down lists

The 'Preset Chords' drop down lists contains all the preset chords currently available for your song. Factors which affect the chords in this list are determined by your Preferences which can be set to include or exclude certain kinds of chords (13th, Augmented etc) and also whether KeyFinder has been used to 'set' the songs key. If the song's key has been set then chords in this list will only be ones in that key. You can find out about Preferences on the My Preferences help page and you can find out about KeyFinder on the KeyFinder help page.
The 'Your Chords' drop down list contains all the chords in tablature form that you have added using the 'Add Chords' button above in the Chords section of the page. This list can help you build your songs much faster as it only contains chords you are currently working with. As an extra help, the chords you drop from these lists can be re-dragged one item at a time once dropped on to the Tablature Grid if required.
Drag whole chords on to the Tablature Grid design surface
The image above shows chords from the Chords and Your Chrods drop down lists in action. When these lists are changed a Drag and Drop chord item will appear as labeled on the image 'Draggable Chord from List'. This can be dropped on to the Tablature Grid and will be automatically positioned for you.


The image below shows the Separator item and how it can be used to create sections of music in the body of a Tablature Grid. This can be useful to create more than 1 bar per grid.
Create tablature bars easily

Changing 'Snap-To-Grid' Grid Size

Tablature Grids have a very useful 'Snap-To-Grid' feature which helps you position your tab items quickly and accurately. Sometimes, however, you may want to drop more items per bar than others. You can simply change the grid spacing to a higher number to allow more droppable positions.
Similarly, sometimes you may be creating rhythm sections where you only have a few strokes per bar you want to add items to. In these situations it may be better to choose a '4 Beats Per Bar' grid spacing to help you drop your items in the correct place quickly and easily. This will save you time by correctly positioning the items for you in the right place and the correct distance apart.
Tablature Grid Spacing Set To 4 Beats Per Bar
The image above shows the grid spacing after a value of 4 has been chosen. You can see from the grid that there are only 4 available locations inside the grid to drop items on to.
The image below shows a grid when the spacing chosen allows 9 droppable locations inside the grid.
Tablature Grid Spacing Set To 9 Beats Per Bar

Uploading and Managing Sound Files

Sound files can be associated with the bars of your song. This is an important feature of the site as it allows you to store the songs audio music along with the tablature for the song all in the same place. Also, if you leave songs for a while and return to them in the future you will always know how the song was originally intended to sound.
To find out how to upload and play sound files please see the Uploading Sound Files help page.


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