Designed to make guitar tablature quick and easy to create



With TabStar You Can:

  • Use the Create Tablature page as a full featured guitar tablature editor. Read about it in the Create Tablature Help Pages
  • Create your own guitar tablature archive
  • Access your tabs from any pc connected to the internet
  • Advanced Tablature Grids let you create high quality tablature on the web
  • Use intuitive drag-and-drop to create tabs easily
  • Preset chord lists let you create songs faster
  • Tablature Grids maintain a separate list of only the chords used in your song which can be dragged whole on to the grids
  • Cut/Copy/Paste whole Tablature Grids and create songs faster
  • Create/print/save ultra-high quality PDF's from your guitar tabs
  • Riff Manager's integration in to the Create Tablature page means you can insert whole riffs at any point in any song you are creating. Read about it on the Riff Manager Help Page
  • Sound files can be associated with bars to help you remember how parts were originally intended to sound
  • You can use TabStar's Sharing Centre to share your guitar tablature with your friends and allow them to edit them (if you wish) so you can work collaboratively to build your sheet music quicker. Read about it on the Sharing Centre Help Page
TabStar's Guitar Tab/Key Validation:


TabStar's Guitar Tab/Key Validation:

  • Have TabStar analyse your guitar tablature and find its musical key using KeyFinder
  • KeyFinder can offer suggestions if your song does not fit a key exactly
  • TabStar can highlight notes outside your chosen key in red
  • Song Validation can highlight suspect notes in both Tab Grids and Chord Boxes
  • Use TabStar's vast Key/Scale Reference section with hundreds of chords grouped by key which can be linked from your own songs using KeyFinder!
  • Chord Boxes and Tablature Grids can have their 'Preset Chord' drop down lists filtered to show only chords in your chosen key
TabStar's Guitar Tab Converter:


TabStar's Guitar Tab Converter:

  • Parse ugly/difficult to read text-file-tabs straight in to TabStar as high quality guitar sheet music using TabStar's Parser. Read about it on the Tablature Parser Help Page
  • Parse tabs from websites or from files saved on your pc
  • TabStar's Tab X-Tractor can parse/display/save tab from external sites, without even leaving the external web page, straight in to your personal guitar tab archive. Read about it on the Tab X-Tractor Help Page
  • Save parsed guitar tabs in to your own guitar tab archive where they can be edited, saved as PDF, analyzed by KeyFinder, in fact, anything you can do with any of your other songs!
TabStar's Sharing Centre:


TabStar's Sharing Centre:

  • TabStar's Sharing Centre lets you share songs with your friends and other band members, and also lets you view your friends songs. Read about it on the Sharing Centre Help Page
  • You can set up sharing for both Songs and Riffs in the Sharing Centre
  • You control which Sharing Contacts can edit any particular shared song so you can work collaboratively on your sheet music


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